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Sunday, November 07, 2004



I agree with you, there's no such thing as THE perfect meal. There are things that make it perfect - good, healthful, well-balanced ingredients, loving preparation, good company, and time and the mood to enjoy it. And you want it to linger just right - you don't want to be overstuffed, and you don't want to still be hungry for more.
How you put that together - a five-course French meal, sandwiches and a bottle of beer on the beach, Thanksgiving dinner with all the fixings including family, or just a bowl of hot soup on a cold night - is almost secondary.

Not an easy task.

I remember when my then employer was into Total Quality Management, and we all took classes on quality. One of our first tasks was to identify what made a quality product. Our example was a clothes hanger, I think. We came quickly to the conclusion that what you consider quality depends very much on what matters to you, it's never an absolute.

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