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Wednesday, December 08, 2004


ann in nyc

Wow, what an amazing menu. Creative and sounds delicious. I'm sure you did great.

ps. I'm sorry I didn't tell you earlier -- thanks for e-mailing me the onion soup recipe!! It sounds wonderful. I need the proper bowls to pop back in the oven but I plan to make this, and soon. Thanks again.


Hey that sounds great! NOw you know why I'm picking a year long course. I know that I wouldn't want it to end so quickly.


Sounds delicious.

You accidentally added salt huh...had a block mate that used sesame seeds to pre garnish chocolate croissants. It tasted interesting...lol. The customers really ejoyed the ''special criossants'' that day.


congrats, sounds like it went well!

random question that you, being the soon to graduate from culinary program, might be able to answer...

what's the proper way to clarify a consomme?

(someone on the amatuer gourmet question board asked about a clear stock; i answered that consomme was the solution, but then wasnt really sure the proper way to make one- the raft is eggwhites?)

thanks for sharing your new expertise!

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