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Wednesday, December 22, 2004


Elke Sisco

Whether you stay in or not, congratulations on being nominated! I know that I, for one, have very much enjoyed reading about your culinary adventures, and I am just as sorry as you are that you are graduated.

But I'm willing to stop whining if you'll just keep blogging.

Oh yeah, and Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


Well, I would have voted for you. How long do you have to blog, anyway? You've been blogging about food for several years, if you include the charity blogging about chocolate you've done.


Hi there Kathy! The way I read the rules, the nominated blog had to be around for at least nine months. This one's only been around since August... I can't remember how long I've been food blogging. Maybe almost two years? I wasn't blogging for awards, anyway...

Elke Sisco

Shaun: I'd opine that you've been food blogging for at least two and a half years. We "met" at the Blogathon in July 2002, where you blogged about chocolate, remember?


Yes, you are right, Elke!

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