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Saturday, December 11, 2004



Congrats and best wishes !!


it's been a pleasure to read and follow you through this. thanks for sharing with the rest of us.


Thank You! Your journey has just begun! Thank you so much for allowing us to hitch a ride. It's has been fun and informative. Thanks! :-D



I Burned my finger today at work and I thought of you... that sounds kind of weird.

I am super tired and going to bed. I have Monday off thank god.



This is so great! I'm really proud of you! Congratulations!

Now. When are you visiting?

; )



I've really enjoyed reading your trip to school. I hope you keep it up as you do your masters.

Good luck and God bless.


I'v really loved reading about your journey and it has made my decision for mine easier. I hope that you continue this blog. I for one would like to follow along.


Thanks to everyone for the well wishes! And thanks for being there to "write" to. I still haven't decided whether to continue the blog... kinda depends on course load. I'm excited about the summer, though: I hear the plans are to offer "Culture and Cuisine of Italy" in the gastronomy program, with an optional trip to ROME! That might be blog-worthy!

Mike: hope it wasn't a bad burn! Take it easy, I'll come visit you some Tuesday night.

Kathy: soon, soon!


Making my rounds on the ole' blog roll thought I'd stop in and wish ya a happy holiday Shaun. BTW where in the south are you from?


Hi JT!
Sorry, Christmas break. North Carolina!


Good luck in your future.


Good Luck

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