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Congratulations Shaun, that is awesome news!! Ack, I'm so envious! I wish you the best of luck and hope to read all about it here or in some other blog you may start.


Wow!!! That's so exciting! That program sounds incredibily interesting. Best of luck to you! Keep us all posted. :)


Thank you both!


congratulations! i am only just now catching up with blog reading and found this exciting news! i really hope you'll do a blog about your experiences. that degree sounds fascinating, but are you moving away from north carolina permanently?


Hi Rachel! By the way, there's something I want to e-mail you about...

I don't think I can survive more than one New England winter :) -- I really hope to do this in three semesters and a summer. I'd like to move back to North Carolina, I really love it here and I have relatives here. But I'm willing to see where the job possibilities may (or may not!) take me.


Congrats! I think you won't be able to stay away from your blogs entirely ... and didn't you say one of your classes would be on food writing? I know just the place to archive your exercises ...


hi shaun! you've still got my email address, right? it's rachelita2 at hotmail.com, and i have another one that you might have as well... drop me a line!


Hi Shaun,

I've only just stumbled across your blog today as I was searching for information on a masters in gastronomy. I've been to culinary school and worked in magazines for the last 6 years. I'd love to hear more about the program and your impressions.

I live in the South also and don't have the flexibility of moving to Boston, so I'm searching for creative options to accomplish my goal. Any thoughts? As a start, I've contacted BU for an information packet.

Do you know how many others will enter the program with you? I'm sure the admissions process was pretty competative, huh?

If you have time, I'd love to hear from you. Here's my email: jgbottcher@bham.rr.com. Otherwise, I'll look for posts on the blog. Best of luck in this exciting adventure.

chef 'em out

What happened to "backyard grub"? I was looking forward to see if there was any transformation in your style of writing after you began your studies.


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